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Our Mission

BRAVE stands for Be Confident, Risk for Reward, All or Nothing, Value your Time, Equality equals success. 

BRAVE's values have structured our Team and Athletes lifestyle's used to conduct their daily operations, not just in the gym. We believe in zero excuses! 

"I am a warrior..." Let’s start by reading that again. "I am a warrior!" You indeed are.

With BRAVE we make you the strongest mentally and physically. We use unique athletic training styles to get you the most optimal results. We know using mind to muscle connection is the key to success. So a strong brain makes a strong muscle. We know you have what it takes to be a BRAVE athlete. We aren’t here to take shortcuts. We are here to EARN results! We believe you are going to become the greatest version of yourself as you progress with us. BRAVE Athletic asks you to deliver the confidence to risk all or nothing every day to provide success in your life.


Making Impossible Possible.

 We are a veteran owned company built on high standards and quality results. Our Coaches have 13 years of knowledge and experience with athletic training and nutritional coaching. We are committed to quality care for your physical and mental health. Being an elite athlete takes proper support and we are the best programs for you.


Our Story

 BRAVE Athletic Training was founded by Rich Hobaugh in 2015, and officially launched in 2021.  The company started in a garage near Fort Worth, Texas and now located in Dallas, Texas. Rich began by helping train people in his community with a variety of goals and health conditions. Over time he noticed he had a passion for helping others become the best version of themselves. We serve individuals from 60 years old with health conditions to 18 year old collegiate athletes. While in the U.S. Army, Rich was a platoon PT leader and taught many soldiers in the 82nd airborne division how to properly diet and workout at the gym to be tactically fit. After the Army, Rich started training for Ultra Body Fitness and quickly became the Master Trainer.

In 2021, BRAVE Athletic uprooted and established in Dallas. We are training in a vast amount of facilities that include Diesel Fitness Uptown, Park District Dallas, and Avant Design District. We are accessible in both person and online. We have athletes all across the country! BRAVE also helps support local athletes with fundraising events along with gear and recovery stretching programs.

Our goal is to change the personal relationship individuals have with their health and wellness.  We promise to continually learn and provide you with every tool you need to make you the absolute best athlete possible. 


Welcome to BRAVE Athletic Training!

Our Team

At BRAVE ATHLETIC, we hire the best trainers and coaches with a wide range of backgrounds, certifications, and specialties.

Rich Hobaugh

Founder | CEO | Trainer

Also Known as Coach Rich, has 13 years training experience, Ultra Athlete and CrossFit Enthusiast. With a CPT and Sports Nutrition Specialist certifications, He has a very passionate training style and loves helping people reach the impossible. He has accomplished many goals like becoming an Army Paratrooper,  and a pro Ultra runner Completing multiple races as far as 250 miles. If you are interested in challenging yourself with your ability his training and nutrition will put you ahead of others.   

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Now Hiring

Lead Nutritionist

Now Hiring Nutritionist

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